Mission & Vision

Cleaning and Housekeeping Services


Our client’s mission is our mission. We will see mission challenges through our client’s eyes and provide the highest quality, best – value solutions possible through our employees, Partners and proven technology. From

From vision to Action

MIS Group Enterprises is guided not only by our mission, but also our values strategic goals, Our senior MANAGEMENT TEAM comes together on a regular basis to assess progress, readjust tactics to align with goals and raise the bar for the quality of our work, the expertise of our workforce, and the relationships we forge with our clients. This on going oversight is critical to successful outcomes for our clients and for MIS Group Enterprises.

Values & Goals


To act at all times in an honest and ethical manner with the understanding that our actions – as individuals and as corporate citizens, enhancing the quality of life in the communities and organization in which we do business.


To treat each other, our clients, competitors and members of the community with respect and to do the right things no matter what.


To value the contributions of every individuals and to recognize the importance of diversity and change.


To identify obstacles on the road of success and create solutions to tackle them. We hold ourselves accountable for meeting our commitments. We take calculated risks to achieve our goals. We pursue excellence as individuals and as a corporation, in everything we do.

Social Responsibility

To participate in the communities within which we work and to continually strive to make a positive impact on the individuals and environment that support us. We are courteous, conscientious and respectful in our dealing with others. We take pride in our work and value the high level of knowledge, dedication and commitment our employees bring to the job. We support our employee’s continued professional growth open communications and shared information, promoting transparency.